Villa Vendicari

Seaview Sanctuary - Eco-Lodge***** Award winning Archi-Treasure in Nature-Reserve

VILLA SICILY- NOTO - Contrada Bimmisca- 100VENDICARI

Please note: This property is rarely available, please check the calendar, if not availble please check the single villas first Junior and Senior and the neighbors' villas which are similar and near, Villa Bimmisca, Sea Front Villa, the closest villa and finally il Melograno.

ECO-friendly villa surrounded by 20000 m2 garden, set 1 mile from the beach, located within the boundaries of natural reserve nearby the main entrance to the Vendicari Natural Reserve, 8 km from Noto.
250sqmts villa with 400sqmts of terraces and swimming pool (not heated, but covered, therefore usable pretty much throughout the year) it is composed of two separated villas, Senior Villa and Junior Villa (see pictures and more details below), here follow the room details:
1- In the Senior Villa with large concrete bench/sofa with pillows for comfortable seating, armchairs, pouffs, fully equipped kitchen area, 3 mts long table and 10 Panton chairs, TV, AC, safe, skylight with electric open/close and 6 windows one of which is the wall wide door window;
2- In the Junior Villa with double sofa bed, armchair, table and chairs, fully equipped kitchen corner, TV, AC, 3 windows, one of which is the wall wide door window;
1-Open on living room 1, fully equipped with electric stove, electric oven, fridge and freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker, toaster, electic kettle, table and chairs for up to 10, shelves and utensils;
2- Open on living room 2, fully equipped with electric stove, fridge, microwave, espresso coffee maker, table and chairs and utensils;
1- With double bed (that can be divided into two single beds), AC, radiator, clothes hanger, 2 windows and bathroom en-suite;
2- With double bed (that can be divided into two single beds), AC, radiator, large wardrobe, window;
3- With With double bed (that can be divided into two single beds), AC, radiator, window;
4- With double bed (that can be divided into two single beds), AC, radiator, 2 windows, bath room ensuite;
1- With Bathtub, washbasin, bidet, hair dryer;
2- With shower, washbasin, bidet;
3- With shower, washbasin, bidet;
There are two heated showers outside one by the swimming pool and one by the house. 
400sq mts. With 3 tables/16 seating places, 6 director chairs, 6 chairs, 6 loungers, bbq,  panoramic view from the roof's terrace (no children are allowed)
With fruit trees ( lemon, olives, orange, figues, peach, pommegranade, konkuat, berries, etc), herbs, path leading to
With seating space/bench and pergolato shadow, 2 loungers and 6 stretchers and one hamac. There is also a warm shower by the pool. A stone path leads you to move from one secular carob tree to the other where you will find the
This is actually a platform with 4 pouffs and a tent and mattress, a hamac can be hung at your own risk. Can be used for chilling out and/or sleeping
Two to three cars parking space under a shade and space without shadow for 3 more cars.

Too Expensive or Too Big? Take a look here Villa Vendicari Junior and Villa Vendicari Senior.

Please note: damage deposit is 1,000 euro to be paid two months prior to arrival via paypal or bank wire, it will be refunded after the house has been checked within two business days after check out.

Weekly cleaning and linen change are included unless the price has been discounted. Extra cleaning and cook on request.
Heating: During the winter you can use the chimney to climatize the senior villa, since it is set to warm up the radiators in the whole house.
***** Solar panels, Tesla solar power accumulator, solar water heating panels, roof garden, air convection, compost bin, rain water collector, edible garden, orchard.

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Video of German guests that were in the villa in the winter season,
go straight halfway to see the drone images of the villa from the air

Press Releases: Some aren't online and we will scan and put them among the pictures:
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Magnificent interiors of Sicily

  $ The swimming pool is covered and should be usable throughout the year since the cover will keep it warm during the winter and safe during the summer if you have babies. The cover also allows us to use less chemicals to keep it clean and avoids that animals go in and drawn in it.

*This villa has been published several times on architecture reviews and glossy magazines, I don't think I can put the links here, but once you've booked I'll be eager to point you out to the right links

**We're setting this up as sleeping 10 people there technically could sleep 2 more people in a tent that I provide in the tree house and if necessary two more beds could be added inside. There are 4 bedrooms and two living-rooms with two double sofa beds. There are 3 full bathrooms + 2 hot showers outside. Are you more than 8 people? Let's talk and see if this is suitable for you before you book ;)

$$ We provide biodegradable toilet paper, bio shampoo, bio soap, detergent for the dishwasher (bio and not bio for extra cleaning), the washing machine uses active oxygen, ozone and UV rays do clean the clothes, no need for detergents, only cold water.

$$$ We built a professional stone BBQ that you are welcome to use. It is provided with a sink and fresh water supply on the side. Please do take every precaution when using it especially during the summer

My garden was meant to be an edible garden (oregano, salvia, time, myrtle, rosemary etc), growing up it mixed in a whole lot of pants that weren't edible and it became overall rather wild compared to a typical Italian garden. I've planted a couple of hundred trees among them figue, pommegranade, pepper, ficus, carob, almond, olive, lemon, orange, konkwat, quince, lime.

The original idea of the house came looking at the stone it would sit on from the satellite. It struck me as a fossil animal body. The only variation I made to this image was cutting and separating the head so that I could have two severed independent constructions, otherwise the full shape repeats over on over again in the motives of the house (the skylight, the table, the barbecue, the space where the house olive tree grows etc). The organic idea developed from there, our intention was to melt the building into the nature, and feel as little separation from the inside out. 

When I'm there I generally prefer to inhabit the head of the house (the Junior villa, the smaller one), but during the winter the body can be more cosy 'cause it has the chimney. 

No matter how organic you can try to be on a brick and mortar house you will still be representing 'civilization' in the midst of nature. Imagining the doomsday judgement from a nature god I can't help but see Her coming from the sea, a modest pool stretched out and away from the house by a thin beton lane immersed in edible plants, it's my minuscule tribute, a praying hand, in respect of nature as She shows herself looked upon from the sky. The house being but a stone that lays there hopefully unnoticed, or rather an organic body turned into stone. The swimming pool is the standpoint, the sea. Hoping this little tribute may mitigate Her judgement :) the house wish is to humbly stand small until the end of time.

Guess I got a little carried away, but more or less that was the idea

It is today widely accepted that the Vendicari natural reserve hosts arguably the most beautiful sand beaches of Sicily. Vendicari itself, Calamosche (voted the best Italian beach in 2006), Eloro, Marianelli, San Lorenzo, Carratois, these are all sandy beaches within 10min drive with cristaline, warm waters. 

As for culture there are Roman and Greek ruins within a 5min drive from the villa (the Roman Villa of Tellaro is one of the main landmarks of my property) and within the Natural Reserve. The Unesco World Heritage city of Noto, with it's baroque churches and buildings is only 8kms away and Siracusa within a 20min drive as well as Modica and Scicli.

As for nature you will be located in the middle of one of the most beautiful natural reserves of Italy. Also the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunity for natural excursions and the Etna vulcano is only 1hr drive away

Villa Vendicari is a secluded family villa with sea view and easy access (1 mile) to the sea and to a world famous natural reserve, Vendicari. There is only one neighbour at close distance but with a different country road access. She's far enough not to hear music or smells coming from her place anyway...

It's composed of two buildings, Villa Vendicari Junior and Villa Vendicari Senior, and a 25,000sqmts garden and swimming pool.

You can rent it in exclusive here on this listing if you find it available, or just rent part of it in exclusive and/or with common use of the garden and swimming pool if you're price sensitive.

The villa is located within the boundaries of natural reserve right at the Vendicari entrance to the National Park leading directly to one of its best sandy beaches and the renown Tonnara di Vendicari. Distance from Noto, the closest town, is 8km.

The apartment overall is 250mq, plus 250 mts of terraces, 100 mts of roof garden, 600sqmt of lawn, 20,000mts of garden, private parking, swimming pool.

A note about sleeping places: I'm setting this up as sleeping 16 people including 4 people in a tent that I will provide in the tree house. There are 4 bedrooms and two living-rooms one of which has a double sofa bed. There are 3 full bathrooms + 2 hot showers outside. Are you more than 8 people? Let's talk and see if this is suitable for you before you book ;)

The villa is composed of two apartments buildings.
Vendicari Senior
170 sq mts, set on the ground floor it is composed of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a very large and spacious lounge room with kitchen, skylight and 7 windows. One enters the house via a large, shaded terrace. On the ground floor is a living and dining area with fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen connecting  to a corridor leading to two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom to the right and going forward to the main bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Right outside the outside barbecue area and the edible garden (see below for details)
Vendicari Junior
80sq mts, set on the ground floor just beside the other building, it is composed of 1 bedroom, 1 living with kitchen corner and one bathroom.

On entering the gate of the villa, you'll drive by olive and other Mediterranean trees (~350mts) until you get to the private parking and the lawn on the side of the path to the villa.

The Property: The property is made of 25,000sqmts. 250sqmts is the villas. Another 450sqmts is of terraces around the house to and around the swimming pool. 600sqmts is lawn around the house. Another 400sqmts is herbs (mostly edible). The rest of the field is to be cultivated with medical herbs.

Terraces overlook the sea, have a bench and pillows, they can be used only by adults that are wary of risks, no children are allowed on the Vendicari Senior' terrace, while the Vendicari Junior has no risks, but it's only a garden, no dedicated space for sitting etc. The sea is clearly visible also downstairs although it must be admitted that dawn and sunset are more spectacular upstairs.

The garden has several dozens of different trees:
lemon, dozens of olive trees, dozens of carob trees, orange, persimmon, figues, konkuats, dozens of almond trees, several pepper trees, pomegranate, hackberry, different variaeties of oaks.
There is an abundant edible garden with hundreds of aromatic herbs: rosemary, caper, calendula, sagebrush, mallow, myrtle, lavender, thyme, majoram, mint, red pepper, oregano
There are several bushes, among others: viburnum, laurel. papyrus, lentiscus.

Noto, with its excellent restaurants and food stalls, is located about seven minutes away with the beautiful sandy beaches of Eloro, Calamosche, Vendicari and Lido di Noto just ten to fifteen minutes further on. The beautiful Duomo Square of Ortygia in Siracusa is forty minutes away with the other Baroque towns of Modica, Ragusa an Scicli about an hour away. So with those, along the vineyards of Etna and the Roman mosaics at Piazza Armerina, which about two hours away, you are ideally placed to make the most of what South East Sicily has to offer whether that be food, wine, culture, or quiet relaxation.

A little note about climate: The average temperature is ~20°C, rain here is rare and it is considered a blessing, however I understand if you'd rather not have it at all, in the attached graphic (last picture) you can see the months when it rains less or more. Even october, where you see the bigger line it is nothing like the rest of Europe, this area is desertic, even the north of Sicily is considered very humid here. Rains will never be much of a nuisance, they usually are very intense, but brief. You can easily imagine a rainy day where of October where you've been to the beach twice and swam at length in rather warm waters. This is indeed my experience. One important note when you look at the graphic is indeed the temperature of the sea water which is way warmer in October/November than March/April, incidentally, I swim in both these seasons here.

A note about security: It is really under control. There is an alarm system that is very modern and efficient, besides the security guards that are contracted to be available within 10min if you call them (or call me to call them) and informed automatically every time the alarm goes off, more importantly than that in over five years we didn't have problems of any sort, our gardener lives not far and keeps everything in check, I am a local myself and respected by the neighbors, which is the best security system. Said that, when you leave the house it is good practise to turn the alarm on, when you are inside, it's not suggested to turn it on since it can be a nuisance.

Access to the sea

The house is located in the B area of the natural reserve, once you
cross the road (SP19) you are in the natural reserve, a walk all the
way to the beach takes 15/20min at a fast pace, although it's a really
pleasant and short car ride and the parking is easy and free, so I
suggest probably to ride by car to the parking and walk from there so
you don't have to cross the SP19, however a walk should take you 15min or so. Once in the natural reserve you can
choose among 6 different sandy beaches, depending on how far you want
to walk (the coastline is about 12Kms)

However the house has a swimming pool and a very large garden and
terraces. I've seen in the past that many guests have on average spent
a lot of time at home... and I do too ;)


Catania airport: 88km-50miles-55mins
Palermo airport: 300Km-186miles-3hr25
Trapani airport: 384km-228miles-4hr05
Siracusa: 30km-22miles-25mins
Noto: 8km-5miles-40mins
Sandy beaches at Vendicari Nature Reserve: 2km-1miles-5mins.


The best beaches are all in the natural reserve, you have Vendicari which is about 3min drive from home which I love, Marinelli which is about 7min drive, Cala Mosche which is about 10 min drive and Eloro which is about 15min drive, all of these you can reach walking through the natural reserve from Vendicari, easy walks in nature


Going to Vendicari there is a restaurant open air which I like to go to from time to time, it's the only one you find on the street to Vendicari and you see it from the street, about 2kms away from the house. Going to Cala Mosche there are two restaurants that I love in the unpaved road, one is called Torre Vendicari and the other one is beside the parking of Cala Mosche

In Noto I go to Dammuso or to the Crocifisso and I love both of them. If you want to stay on the cheap side, though tasty and somewhat charming, go to Il Libertino across the street from the Dammuso. All of these you can find on google for directions and phone numbers.

In Scicli I go to Satra, great quality, a little expensive but worth it.

In Marzamemi (Please Note: Marzamemi is generally become a tourist trap and is to be avoided, but if you really want to go)

1- Campisi (possibly closed in winter)
2- La Cialoma, amazing location right on the main Piazza, the value for money is bad compared to other places in the area.
4- Giramapao, good value for money, but not such a great location, it's on the corso right before Campisi going towards the Piazza

Restaurants in PortoPalo
1- Pensione Scala, amazing value for money, location not so great
2- U Piscaturi, good location near the harbor, huge quantities, average quality, good price

Supermarkets and Groceries

Closest supermarkets are in Noto and or Pachino at about 8kms distance, otherwise small groceries can be found in San Lorenzo at about 4kms distance and/or Marzamemi about 5Kms distance.
My tip is to use the three wheelers for the produce, so you get it local, in the supermarket you'll get low quality imported produce.


Local meat can be found in the center of Pachino at a butcher called Nieli
This is not a meat area really, I think that at Lidl in Avola have a good meat selection
Or at the 'Sì Più' just when entering Noto, the supermarket to the left


For the fish you may want to try Nardone shop named Blue Fish in Pachino or further away go to the harbor in Portopalo where you will find the fish market


it's about 10km from home totally worth it
book here

b. There is a very characteristic winery close to home 'Cantine Modica' you can follow the indications, it's about 5km from home, this is not nearly as professional and high quality, but may be interesting exactly for that. They have a place in Noto, which is touristy, and place near us which is very real. Maybe call them if you can't find it?

c. This is also rather close to home and it's very nice and worth a visit

d. Feudo Maccari is professional, good quality and near home

e.This is closer to Noto, very professional and beautiful totally worth a visit

f. Close to the house is another interesting canteed with natural wine: Marabino, you can find it online